Dad Matters goes GM-wide!

Following the success of our pilot project in Tameside, we're thrilled to be expanding Dad Matters across the Greater Manchester Area!  We'll now be delivering antenatal support, information and professional training across the region to promote the importance of connecting with dads through existing services.

When it comes to Baby Brain Development games, it is definitely the taking part that counts…

Why not play the 'Chuckle Brothers Brain Game'?   You might think it's obvious that interracting with your baby or child helps them develop their understanding and communication skills - but did you know that each individual 'to me... to you...' response provides a chance for a child's brain to lay down new circuitry?  

Hello Dads!

  Just a quick post to say we're thrilled to have our new website off the ground - it may be a little sparse at the minute, but it'll soon fill up with loads of fantastic news, information and resources.  We're here to help dads have the best possible relationship with their families, and be

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