Neurodivergence at Xmas

1. How does AHDH impact me as a parent

2. Sensory overload- when I’m stressed 3 or 4 noises can cause me to shutdown. I find it difficult to concentrate on anything at this point and all noises feel like they are at the same volume. It could be the TV, washing machine, dripping tap and the little ones.

3. Routine- Routine plays a massive part in my day to day life and a tool I use to keep myself well. I struggle at Xmas and other ‘special’ times of the year such as birthdays and school holidays as often, routine changes.

4. Change- I like change but can struggle with it, especially if I think there is a better way something can be done. It helps if I understand the reason and I accept in can take me some time to deal with whatever is changing.

5. Problem solving- In most situations I’m really good at problem solving, especially when under pressure. I think from Directly from problem to solution (A-Z) but can sometimes disregard the impact of that (missing out all the letters in between A-Z).

6. Organisation- Even though I may come across as organised, my head is like a washing machine. I have to be strict with planning my time and make sure I plan things in advance.

7. Memory- My memory is brilliant for pub quizzes and random facts- what I have to do today or what I just asked you? Not so good.

8. Concentration- I struggle to concentrate unless something fully absorbs me. I often have conversations where I zone out and come back to the conversation having missed 2-3 minutes and struggle to catch up and feel to rude to ask what I’ve missed. If I know you I’ll be honest and let you know I’ve missed some of the conversation

9. What helps? Exercise. Medication. Routined. Understanding. Acceptance.

10. What doesn’t help? Stress. Lack of sleep. Alcohol. Judgement. External pressure

When someone says ‘I think I’m a bit ADHD’y’. It took 30 years for a diagnosis and had lifechanging impacts and lots of pain.