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Dad Matters Cymru project aims to to help dads have positive parent experiences during pregnancy and early years and to support them with anxiety, stress and mental health issues.

We want to ensure that dads know how important they are, how to access support when they need it and why it can be essential for their baby’s development.

We aim to:

  • Help dads have positive parent experiences during pregnancy and early years.
  • Support dads with their wellbeing and mental health
  • Encourage dad’s participation in services that have traditionally been targeted for mums
  • Provide peer support for dads from dads

Our support provides dads with a forum to share their experiences, experiences and concerns and receive guidance and support on how to navigate this crucial period of their life, as well as signposting to organisations and services that can best support them.

The support is led by a Dad Matters Coordinator and volunteers known as “Dad Champions”. We are part of Dad Matters UK and belong to a large network that successfully supports dads within other local Home-Starts across the UK.


The Cymru Team:

Meet Deb Thomas – Dad Matters Project Manager for Dad Matters Cymru…

Meet Leon Shearer – Dad Matters Coordinator for Dad Matters Cymru…

Seconded part-time from Home-Start Cymru Powys team, I joined Dad Matters Cymru in March 2023 providing online 1:1 support sessions and training for professionals working with Dads.

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Home-Start Cymru offers friendship, emotional support and practical advice in the homes of families who are having difficulties managing parenting for a variety of different reasons. These could be poor mental health, managing children’s challenging behaviour, disability, domestic abuse, isolation or low self-esteem.

Our mission is to give children the best possible start in life, by supporting parents so they grow in confidence, strengthening and enjoying their relationships with their children and widening their links with the local community.

Get in touch with your local Dad Matters Coordinator for Cymru using this form…

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