After 5 years of developing the Dad Matters project, from the very beginning in Tameside where we refined the information and engagement and learnt directly from dads about what could help, to now having coordinators in various places across the UK, we cover areas with around 65.5k births per year, with more to come in the next few months.


We want to take the opportunity of our 5th birthday and International Father’s Mental Health Day 2022 to celebrate what we have achieved in the last 5 years with the people who helped us to get there, the dads and volunteers we have encountered along the way, and with those people and organisations who are already thinking about how Dad Matters might work in their areas.


We will hear from Dad Matters project leads and coordinators, commissioning leads, clinical leads and other stakeholders. Crucially though, we will hear from dads who have been supported by Dad Matters in various capacities. there will be video interviews, case studies and quotes from dads throughout the day.


We are also really proud to announce that we have the amazing Dr Anna Machin as key note speaker, who will be able to help us think about fatherhood from an evolutionary and scientific perspective


Finally we will finish the day with some short workshops to help us determine the focus for Dad Matters going forward for both localities and regionally/nationally.


We will have an opportunity for our partners and colleagues to have a stall with us on the day for a market place type engagement during breaks and lunch, and before the conference starts – use this form to request a stall

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom… your reward is the knowledge that there will be cake!

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