Domestic abuse behaviour can be physical, psychological, sexual or financial.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse or have been subjected to patterns of bullying or controlling behaviours, whether in an intimate or family relationship, it’s abuse – and it’s time to take action.

Abuse is rarely a one-off event, and domestic abuse behaviour tends to get worse over time.

It’s important to realise that your abuser is responsible for their own actions. Abusive behaviour is unwarranted and unacceptable under any circumstances.

Do men experience domestic abuse?

Abuse is experienced by people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, genders, gender identities and sexualities. It affects people of different abilities, and happens across every class background. Whoever you are and whatever abuse you’re experiencing, you’re not alone.

Are you being bullied or controlled?

Then you are being abused. Abuse takes on many different forms – see Men’s Advice Line for more information the types of abuse.

Where can I get help if I think I am experiencing abuse?

Men can call Men’s Advice Line on 0808 8010 327 (Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm), or visit the webchat at Men’s Advice Line (Wednesday 10am to 11.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm) for non-judgemental information and support

Men can also call ManKind on 0182 3334 244 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm)