International Father’s Mental Health Day 2020

  It's International Father's Mental Health day today, and we're celebtrating three years of supporting dads to have better relationships with their babies, better knowledge of their own wellbeing, and better access to services... please check out the vide we have made here and get the song here...  

Dad Matters Conference, International Father’s Mental Health Day and 5th birthday celebration

PRESS RELEASE International Father’s Mental Health Day INVITATION - Dad Matters UK Conference University of Bolton Stadium 20th June 2022 9am – 4pm On International Father’s Mental Health Day, Dad Matters UK is hosting a sold out conference in Bolton, with guests from across the UK. We will hear from Dad Matters project leads and

Mike’s Story – A Volunteer Journey…

Mike's Story - A Volunteer Journey... Hi, I'm Mike, and this is the story of my journey into volunteering with Dad Matters Editorial Note - this article contains references to first aid, child loss and suicide. Please be aware of this when reading, and look after yourself...       My journey into

Mike’s Poem – “Sunday 29th November 2020”

Mike's Poem - "Sunday 29th November 2020" Death is inevitable, once it takes hold You'll be leaving behind broken souls Death is a fear, I am not scared Death to me, is a new life The light at the end, a new beginning - I've cheated death, three times you know I've had some help

Words about suicide

  Trigger warning This post talks about suicide - please look after yourself.     Mike is an inspiration to so many people. Dad Matters is so proud to count him as one of our volunteers! Thank you, Mike, for sharing this, it must’ve been hard to write. If you need someone to talk to

Dad Matters 5th Birthday Conference

After 5 years of developing the Dad Matters project, from the very beginning in Tameside where we refined the information and engagement and learnt directly from dads about what could help, to now having coordinators in various places across the UK, we cover areas with around 65.5k births per year, with more to come in


Becoming Dad to be aired on BBC OneOn Wednesday 26th January 2022, the BBC will broadcast Becoming Dad - the first TV documentary of its kind to bring issues around dads’ mental health, equal parenting, work- life balance and masculinity to the mainstream.Becoming Dad is a primetime show and will be broadcast on BBC One

A new dads thoughts

The best year of my life No one speaks to an expecting father, I mean you get the banter from your mates “say goodbye to the pub” “you have no idea what you are letting yourself if for” I’m one for banter and a good piss take. But…. I had really no idea what to

2021 – a year in the making!

2021 - a year in the making! Wowzers… What a year it’s been. We started 2021 with an ambition to reach more dads across Greater Manchester and to expand into other areas of the country. What we have achieved is nothing short of amazing. Watch this space for more detailed info in the coming weeks,


Neurodivergence at Xmas 1. How does AHDH impact me as a parent 2. Sensory overload- when I’m stressed 3 or 4 noises can cause me to shutdown. I find it difficult to concentrate on anything at this point and all noises feel like they are at the same volume. It could be the TV, washing

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