Lose Weight Feel Great For Men – Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

Whether you’re looking to get in shape for health reasons or so you can spend more quality time playing in the park with your family – everyone’s reason for starting and taking that first step to a fitter, more active version of you is different.

Our Lose Weight Feel Great FOR MEN is a free 12-week weight loss kick-starter to help you start to improve your health and give you the knowledge and support to stay fit and healthy. Whether you want to achieve weight loss within a group, a team, one-to-one or self-led, there are 6 approaches for you to choose from.



In 1981 a small group of parents, who were experiencing problems with their crying and sleepless babies, set up a support group. They discovered how important support is and how reassuring it can be to talk to someone. Today that support group has become Cry-sis, the only UK charity offering help and support to parents with babies who cry excessively or have sleeping problems. From modest beginnings Cry-sis has become a well-respected national charity which:

  • provides a telephone helpline available 7 days a week from 9.00am until 10.00pm.

  • offers advice and information on how to cope with a sleepless baby and/or a crying baby.

  • conducts research and increases public awareness.

The Dadsnet Local Community Group

Dadsnet is for dads to be able to gain support from each other within a private setting but in the Local Community Groups you can speak with people nearby; we’ve discussed local schools, we’ve had meetups – with and without the kids, and just generally look after one another on here.