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Miscarriage and
Perinatal Loss

Miscarriage and
Perinatal Loss


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As a parent, child loss is something you never think you will ever have to experience. Indeed losing anyone close can be a really challenging time.

For those of us who have known loss, there are many feelings and emotions we might experience; anger, sorrow, confusion and maybe the biggest of all are the questions; why them? why us?

All of these responses are quite reasonable and totally OK to ask or to experience.

As men, we can want to fix things/make things better, yet child loss grief is something that has no quick fix, or direct solution. but there is support out there. I think it is fair to say men and women respond to grief in different ways and whatever way you respond it is OK.

The most important thing is we recognise and acknowledge what has happened and if we need support, we reach out before we get to crisis point.

Listen to Mikey, Grant and Pete discuss how it feels to be a bereaved dad and how they navigated their way through their own journey of grief and loss. Huge thanks to them all at Fathers Network Scotland


For more support please look at the following organisations.

Read the story of our very own, Kieran Anders, who experienced the loss of his baby girl Emma.


Together we make all the difference

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