Mike’s Poem – “Sunday 29th November 2020”

Death is inevitable, once it takes hold

You’ll be leaving behind broken souls

Death is a fear, I am not scared

Death to me, is a new life

The light at the end, a new beginning

I’ve cheated death, three times you know

I’ve had some help escaping the unknown

I dreamt of death, he held my hand

I took his gaze, right in his eyes

I was abruptly woken, a call was made

At 5:00am, what did she say?

It was time for me to meet death once again

A new life, a new beginning

A little boy came cooing to life

A new life

I’m now a dad

A new beginning

Little did I know

We’d be fighting the very next night

The Grim Reaper himself

Knocked on our door

He gave us a fright

The battleground, a kitchen dining room

The baby boy, stopped breathing suddenly

For what felt like an eternity

Longer for most

A voice apologised, he spoke the words

“I’m sorry, you have to initiate CPR”

It rung, For Whom the Bell Tolls

I gave the little boy the kiss of life

The battle begun, the blue lights sung

With my two mighty fingers

I compressed the boys chest

He coughed, took a breathe in, and cried

He stopped, looked me in the eyes

I won, I defeated the Grim Reaper

I do not fear death, death is inevitable

The Grim Reaper lingers

I’ve cheated death

I’ve avoided death

I’ve defeated death

Love, has no boundaries

Death has no expiry

Atlas, I love you my son

– Mike Sandiford 2022