One Year On…

Paul and Alana share their experiences of having a baby and receiving some difficult news during covid restrictions last year

Alexander is 1 year old today!

One whole year since you came into our lives. Shortly after you were born, I was Pulled to one side and told that a lump had been found at the bottom of your spine and that you had no bum cheeks. This could have indicated that you had Spina Bifida. I said at the time that I didn’t think I should have been told that without an investigation or scan or tests, but i knew now, and i was very worried.

Shortly after I received this news I was asked to leave the Hospital due to covid restrictions. Imagine that being told something like that, so important and worrying and then having to leave you and your mum in the hospital.

The next morning I was only allowed to visit for just 1 hour. When I got home your mum and you had been taken for a scan where it was discovered that you had been born with Sacrococcygeal Tertoroma which is a tumour.

I was informed via video call.

you weren’t able to come home and had to be transferred to St Mary’s Hospital on the NICU ward to await surgery.

Your mum and me became passing ships, each taking turns to be with you, and also to be at home with your big brother, who was also worried about you. It was hard.

When the day came for your surgery we walked down to theatre with you and the staff asked if we wanted to open you incubator and touch you. We both did and both went back to our room in bits knowing you were about to be cut open to have a tumour removed.

A few hours later, after the operation you were back on the ward and much to our surprise, you were wide awake. We couldn’t believe it!

It was at this moment we realised that you are stronger than we could have imagined.

You have been back and forth with lots of appointments since to check that the tumour hasn’t grown back and you will continue to do so throughout your childhood.

Even through all that worry and stress,  you are such a happy boy; always smiling, always happy. Your scar has healed well and you finally formed proper bum cheeks now too!!!

You loves being around all your siblings, and they all love you very much too.

We have had holidays, days out, allsorts of stuff; you would never know that that you had such a difficult start to life.

So today is a very special birthday and  we love you lots and are going to make it as special as you are Mini Barn.

Happy Birthday baby ❤


Alexander is 1 year old today!

Here’s a little story about a year ago today….. Alexander was born ☺ The birth was absolutely 100% perfect, I was texting away, singing to George Michael on the radio, then I had this gorgeous, little, perfect human being brought to me and I said to his dad, “he’s here” and burst out into tears.

What came afterwards wasn’t an easy ride, to cut a long story short, Alexander was born with a Saccrococcygeal Teratoma (tumour), and he had to spend 4 weeks in St Mary’s Hospital, being poked, prodded, having scans, and finally and operation to remove this awful tumour. (P.s the doctors, nurses and surgeons are absolutely AMAZING at that hospital ✌🏻)

I spent nights, sniffing Alexander’s sleepsuit that he’d worn the same day, just so I could go to sleep, along with crying myself to sleep most nights too. I just wanted my baby home. But then came the big day, and it was the most emotional day of my life ❤

I can never ever thank the Doctors, nurses and surgeons enough for what they did for our little boy and us, because without them, we wouldn’t have been able to be celebrating our boys first birthday today, or the 2 holidays we’ve had this year, his first Christmas last year, his 1st Halloween, meeting his amazing big brothers and sister and the rest of his family.

Today is a day full of very high emotions and being thankful of everything! 😇

So, the biggest of Happiest Birthdays, to our gorgeous, little happy boy! 😊 you are the most perfect, happiest, funniest, cheekiest baby, ever! 🥰 we love you lots and lots, Mini Barn! 🥰😇❤