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If you need urgent support, please contact your local health services, call 111 or speak to a GP.

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They are designed and moderated to be a safe space for dads to be and new dads to come for support, to ask those questions that all dads have, offload your worries, ask for support, offer your own experiences and recommend services and organisations that may help.
Experienced dads are also welcome, to help generate and contribute to supporting new dads and their families.
Any dad can join the Dad Matters UK closed group and their  local group.
Join today, and if you’re not a dad please encourage the dads in your life to join us!

The DadPool Podcast

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Our new podcast, produced by Tom McCooey, is a chance to hear from our pool of dads, professionals and organisations about life as a dad, challenges and successes, and how working with dads is changing.
ITs available on all major podcast platofrms, or you can listen direct on this link
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With over 50 videos on a range of topics, from communicating with your baby, supporting your partner and talking about your own wellbeing, to interviews with new dads, support services and professionals you should find something for you. if you’d like to contribute to a video with us, please email

Dad Matters UK is looking for Volunteers in each of our areas.

Our volunteers help us to support dads to be and new dads with the transition to fatherhood.

We have a number of opportunities available…

  • Outreach – meeting dads at various venues, speaking to them and distributing resources
  • Dad Chat – facilitating our face to face groups for dads in various situations
  • Online – monitoring, moderating, developing and contributing to our online support groups.
  • Events – facilitating dad and baby events in various venues.
  • Lived Experience – if you have experience of any of the challenges dads face, such as miscarriage or perinatal loss, perinatal mental health issues, supporting a partner through perinatal mental health issues, wellbeing, etc, then we’d love to have you help support our peer support groups

if you live in Greater Manchester, Gloucestershire or Warrington, please contact us using the form below to find out more.

Check our our useful blog section for more articles and information.

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Reading to your baby, both during pregnancy (baby bump) and after birth, is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to promote bonding between you and your baby, creating a special connection. Secondly, reading aloud

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Sharing this special little neonatal video that our Josie and her actor/film maker buddy Josh Gould made last year. Christmas in a Neonatal Unit is surreal. The world is going on like normal outside of