Resources for Professionals in Bristol

Whilst there is a self referral form for Dads on the Dad Matters Bristol main page, professionals are more than welcome to use the existing HomeStart referral form found below.

Many professionals have admitted to finding it difficult to engage with Dads in the perinatal period. Dad Matters has developed tools and resources for healthcare professionals to aid them in their engagement with Dads, and to support Dads to acknowledge their own mental health journey.

Dad Matters offer training, awareness presentations, attendance at team meetings and individual support to any Maternity staff, Health Visiting staff who feel they can improve Dad’s experience within their service.

As part of our core and targeted work, we see many professionals and can work alongside them to help engage, support, and signpost Dads. These include, but are certainly not limited to, Neonatal staff, Social Care, Specialist services, Adult Mental Health services, Perinatal Mental Health services, Parent/Infant Mental Health Services and Third Sector organisations. The remit of the service is key in scoping potential joint work, as long as the professionals are working on developing Parent Infant relationships, or are offering a service that Dads may benefit from that Dad Matters can signpost to, then there is potential for developing a partnership.

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Dear Dad....A resource for professionals to give to Dads....
As much as we’d love to be in touch with every Dad in Bristol, the reality is that would be an impossible task; however, the vast network of community midwives and health visitors will see a lot more Dads than we will, so if you are a community midwife, health visitor, or any professional in a user facing role; family support worker, mental health practitioner etc, then our ‘Dear Dad’ leaflet is for you. Please download the leaflet below to pass on to any Dads you will be visiting.