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This is where you can get further support in your area:

Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Early Attachment Service

We are a parent infant mental health service led by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. As we are a partnership of services we can support you whether you just need a bit of advice, whether you need more help or whether you need support to keep yourself, your partner or your baby safe.

We are a developing service and currently offer:

  • Information and advice to families and professionals
  • Training and consultation to local services
  • Direct work with babies and their mums, dads and carers
  • Group sessions to support parent and infant mental health

We can support babies and their parents and carers from pregnancy and up until the baby’s second birthday. We are here to support whoever the baby is developing their key first relationships with. This might be mum, dad, grandparent(s), foster carer(s), adoptive parent(s) or anyone else who is involved in the a baby’s care.

You can find out more information about us on our NHS webpage, our Facebook group or you can give us a call on 0161 716 2873.

Andy’s Man Club – Rochdale

Andy’s Man Club run nationwide talking groups for men.


You’ve either been through a storm, are currently going through a storm or have a storm brewing in your life.

Who Let The Dads Out

Who Let The dads Out is aimed at trying to help dads to play and to build up close relationships with their children.

The play and activity sessions are open to anyone to just drop in. We provide 2 hours of activity focused play time for dads, granddads, or male carers, and their kids. If you are interested in attending just come along, no need to book in advance, all visitors and new families are welcome.


We give dads a free and permanent source of the information they’re likely to need – from pregnancy, birth and babies to financial, legal and education info – from a dad’s perspective. A new home for dads on the web.

Rochdale Borough Council Parenting Courses

Our courses can help you to find new ways and ideas of how to work with your children, to problem solve, reduce stress and address behavioural problems. You’ll be encouraged to build upon your existing skills and learn from other parents and carers, allowing you to see that you’re not on your own.

The courses are delivered throughout the year in Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton during term time, with morning, afternoon and evening sessions.​

Visit the website to refer yourself and to select the most appropriate course.

Thinking Ahead Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale

Thinking Ahead helps with everyday issues that affect your mental wellbeing and provides professional support for more common mental health difficulties, such as anxiety and depression.

Domestic Abuse Services 

Figures suggest that as many as 1 in 6 victims of domestic violence are male. However, men are often reluctant to report abuse by women because they feel embarrassed or they fear they won’t be believed, or worse, that police will assume that since they’re male, they’re the perpetrator of the violence and not the victim. Visit the link above to find more information and support on dealing with domestic abuse.

  1. Floating support in the community (for male/female victims)
  2. IDVA support (male/female victims)
  3. Motivational courses for men/women using abusive behaviours in their relationship
  4. Behaviour change programmes for men perpetrating domestic abuse
  5. Accommodation: our refuge provider has an out of area safe-house for men


In 1981 a small group of parents, who were experiencing problems with their crying and sleepless babies, set up a support group. They discovered how important support is and how reassuring it can be to talk to someone. Today that support group has become Cry-sis, the only UK charity offering help and support to parents with babies who cry excessively or have sleeping problems. From modest beginnings Cry-sis has become a well-respected national charity which:

  • provides a telephone helpline available 7 days a week from 9.00am until 10.00pm.

  • offers advice and information on how to cope with a sleepless baby and/or a crying baby.

  • conducts research and increases public awareness.

Contact Mic Cullen, your local Dad Matters Coordinator, using this form…

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