Dad Events in Surrey

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New Dad's Workshop

Join Dad Matters for a FREE online workshop for dads-to-be and new dads with babies under 12 weeks old. During this online video session, we will talk about our three key topics; Attachment and Bonding, Mum’s and Dad’s Mental Health and Wellbeing and Access to Appropriate Services. We also cover Labour, Birth and Beyond from a Dad’s perspective. This is your chance to learn about aiding your baby’s development, consoling your baby, how to cope with a crying baby, how to look after yourself in this major life transition, how to support your partner, where to go for help, support, advice and education about new babies! Every 3rd Tuesday and 3rd Saturday of each month.

Elmbridge Walk & Talk

Come join us for a chance to share with other dads and make time to talk about the realities of being a dad.